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Collar design may vary

We love our cats, and our cats love their independence. Thus it’s essential to protect yourself from severe heartache if your cat gets lost when they explore too far. Give your little adventurer a state of the art Alley Cat GPS Tracker. 

Simply attach the incredibly lightweight (22g) GPS Tracker to their collar, and view their travel activity on your phone (via the mobile app). This sophisticated GPS tracker is water-resistant with UNLIMITED range - meaning if your cat takes a train to China at midnight, you’ll still be able to track them. 

Easy to learn and use, the tracker shows you a clear map of your cat’s activities, routes and clear point of last seen location - meaning if your cat skipped school, you’ll know about it. Just make sure your device is always charged, and you have some leftover data - you’ll never be left wondering about their wandering again.

Battery life depends on your settings, how often you push to locate your cat and how many people are tracking your cat. Typically, with you moderatly locating your cat, it should last 1 to 3 days on the 1 minute interval setting, 4 to 5 days on the 10 minute interval setting and 6 to 10 days on the 1 hour interval setting.


This device requires a standard SIM card from SA network providers in order for it to work. By law ePETstore cannot sell SIM cards with the tracking device. 

The GPS Tracker device uses data. The minimum amount of data provided by your cell network is enough. E.g:
R5 (20MB) - Vodacom | R4 (20MB) - Cell C | R4 (20MB) - MTN (October 2017 prices)

  • Great device for your adventurous cat to own
  • Small, lightweight (22g) device that attaches to your cat’s collar (PVC collar included)
  • Tracker device is water resistant
  • You can replay your cat’s activities, view clear point of last seen and look at their routes
  • Easy to learn and use - minimal tech savviness required
  • GPS system lets you live track your cat up to within one meter’s accuracy
  • All cats can be loaded onto 1 App (multiple AllayCat devices required though)
  • Unlimited range - you can track your cats here from China to Canada
  • NOT a Bluetooth device - It’s a state of the art GPS tracker that WORKS
  • GPS device works via the SETRACKER2 mobile app (hence SIM card is needed, but not included)
  • Device provides you with set-up login details (can be changed/personalised after 3 days)
  • Battery-life depends on your setting & how often you push to locate: 10 minute interval lasts 2 to 3 days, 1 hour interval lasts up to 5 days (on moderate locating of device)
  • Physical tracker’s (attached to collar) charging time is 20 minutes. Reminder sent to your phone via app, to notify that battery life is running low
  • Device is covered by a 1 year warranty

45 mm x 35 mm x 12 mm


Fits most adult cats



Read the FAQs for more information on extending battery life and more

Download to AlleyCat product manual here

Download the SETRACKER2 app for Android here

Download the SETRACKER2 app for Apple here

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