Grumpy Cat Annoying Plush Cat Wand Toy

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Improve the bond between you and your cat with the Annoying Plush Cat Wand. Don’t let the name fool you, because your cat is bound to fall in love after first swat. 

With multiple textures, soft exterior, crinkling and fluffy dangling body with teasers, rattling head and Grumpy Cat print, this cat wand is great for interactive play, helps to improve your cat’s physical and mental health, reduces boredom and also to help keep them active.


  • Great for interactive play and to reduce boredom
  • Specially designed to stimulate exercise, play, their natural instinct and to get them moving
  • Made from high quality textures and materials with soft exterior
  • Helps to increase the bond between cat and cat-parent
  • Rattling head with crinkling and fluffy dangling body and teasers to peak their interest
  • Famous Grumpy Cat face print at the top and words like “go away” on the body - inspired by the Grumpy Cat design (internet cat celebrity and social media sensation since 2012)

*Cats should be supervised whilst playing - because this toy is not indestructible and safety first.

Grumpy Cat became an internet sensation in 2012 after this little lady’s owners posted a photo online of her (now famous) grumpy face. She has since become an internet cat celebrity and social media superstar. All the Grumpy Cat products are official licensed products made from only the best quality materials and textures.

42 cm

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