Barley Straw Pellets Algae Stopperz Pond Treatment

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Stop atrocious algae in its tracks with this pesticide-free algae control – introducing the Barley Straw Pellets Algae Stopperz pond treatment from NT LABS.

Have we used the word algae once too many? Never, because this is probably the only place you’ll see it. Simply sprinkle this very easy-to-use product around the edge of your pond margins and algae be gone!

Within 2 weeks your fish will enjoy blanketweed and algae-free living conditions and that’s super exciting.

  • Helps control algae without the mess, trouble, sweat and backache
  • Product consists of barley straw pellets
  • Easy to use
  • Pesticide-free
  • Helps create an ideal living condition for your fish and plants
  • Works in natural or filtered ponds
  • This product CANNOT be overdosed

1 kg bag
Treats 9100 l (2000 gal)

  • Simply sprinkle around the edge of your pond margins or alternatively place in a pond planting basket/net and leave on margin/ledge/waterfall where water can flow through. 
  • Repeat every 2 months with a full amount for your pond until control is effective, then add ⅓ of dose monthly.
  • For complete blanket weed control, add product throughout autumn and winter to ensure activity from the outset of spring or alternatively, clean out strong growing blanket weed in summer and allow this product’s activity to start preventing re-growth.



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