Bird Nesting & Litter

ePETstore’s online stock will see your birds flock to this comfortable range of bedding and absorbent litter for parrots, wild birds, garden birds, small birds, medium birds, large birds and senior birds.

Our selection includes leading brand Chipsi, which is known for creating high-quality, plant-based bedding suited for all types of birds and other small pets. Your feathered-friends deserve only the BEST when it comes to their well-deserved shut-eye. That’s why we provide natural and hygienic wood chips that will make your bird feel like it’s walking on air. 

Not only are they dust-free (so that you can keep those allergies in check), but  they also protect your little chick’s sensitive respiratory organs. 

Now, let’s dive into the nitty gritty of bird nesting and litter:

Why does my bird need litter?

Placing litter or bedding in your bird’s cage keeps the environment sanitary and healthy, as well as free of odours. 

This means you won’t have people wondering what that smell is every time they open your door. Instead, they’ll smell an inviting, earthy fragrance that your beautiful bird is happily fluttering in.

How often should I change the bird litter?

In order to keep your bird friends happy, we recommend that you change the litter at least once or twice a week to keep things smelling fresh. 

As well as smelling great, changing the litter is also good for your bird’s hygiene and health, as it keeps all that nasty bacteria at bay. 

How do you use bird litter?

Simply line the bottom of your bird’s cage with the really awesome bird litter you bought from ePETstore ;) Ensure that enough has been scattered equally, and don’t forget about those corners. 

If you’re ever unsure, or if you have any queries, you’re always welcome to contact our customer care team who are happy to assist. 

Why shop for bird nesting and litter at ePETstore?

When you purchase bird nesting and litter for your precious little darlings at ePETstore, you’re ensuring that they receive high-quality, premium products that are long-lasting and fresh—from the time you open the bag up until it’s finished.

You’ll also be part of a community that everyone has been raven about. Not only does shopping with us mean you’ll be able to skip the queues but we also deliver straight to your door, anywhere in South Africa—whether you’re in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban or Polokwane or Richard’s Bay.

Live near Joburg? We also do click n collect, so drop by Northriding after tapping ‘done’ and come and fetch your goodies!