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Let your dog sparkle this winter with this hip and happening Blue Gatsby Dog Jersey.

Made in South Africa, 100% washable and 300% glamourous, this dog jersey boasts an adjustable toggle for that comfortable, snug and draft-free fit, and also flaunts a navy faux mohair exterior (with star-shaped sequin prints) with a royal blue super soft fleece interior.

Let’s face it, the only faux nobody has time for, is a fashion faux-paw.

  • Navy faux mohair exterior (with star-shaped sequin prints) and royal blue super soft fleece interior
  • Adjustable toggle for a comfortable, snug and draft-free fit
  • Ideal for cold autumns, winters and other random chilly days
  • 100% washable on a delicate wash cycle (NO fabric softener)
  • Made in South Africa
  • Comes in different sizes (and lengths) for different breeds



NOTE – if you have a dainty dame / sturdy sir on your hands, let the measurements guide you to help ensure for that perfect fit. Breed examples shown are merely a guideline for general breed body type and weight.

 X Small  37 cm  26 cm
 Small  42 cm  30 cm
 Medium  52 cm  36 cm
 Large  56 cm  39 cm



CHEST / GIRTH – tackle this measurement from the widest point of their chest (generally found directly behind their front legs and/or the thickest part of the body).  Wrap the tape measure around your dog's rib cage like a loving hug and voila.

WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE – simply measure the circle around the narrowest part of your dog's waist (generally directly in front of their back legs) and ta-da.

NECK – this measurement is taken around the neck where their collar would naturally sit.  Simply measure the circumference of the neck and Bob’s your uncle. 

LENGTH / BACK – this measurement is taken from the base of the neck (also where their collar would sit) to the start of the tail (please just not all the way to the tip of the tail though - foeitog).


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