Calasca Poop Scoop

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Owning a dog is the best - but picking up poop might just be the worst. Turn a bad situation into a good one with the Calasca Poop Scoop. Designed for one handed pick-ups, so that you can still flip patties on the braai, this phenomenal pooper scooper is fantastic for cleaning up after your best friend.

Perfect to use on grass, cement, dirt and other hard surfaces, this phenomenal scooper’s powerful spring action jaws secures the poop package, until you’re ready to empty. After the deed is done, simply rinse the Scoop off with a hose. 

  • Made from durable polypropylene plastic
  • Designed for one-handed pickups on all hard surfaces
  • Makes cleaning up after your dog much faster and easier
  • Jaws scoop is wide and great for pick up on grass, cement, dirt and other hard surfaces
  • Powerful spring action jaws to secure poop package until you’re ready to empty

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