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The ultra-modern approach to locating and reuniting you with your missing pets, and getting those roaming bums home FAST! This Pet Touch ID tag is small, only 3 cm in diameter, with the capability to provide pet information and a GPS location, with an automatic notification alert when your pet is found. It gives you the option to report your pet as lost and post a reward.

It’s FREE to register with NO subscription costs. This Pet Touch ID tag’s technology will help bring lost pets home with a simple tap / scan from a good samaritan's smartphone.

  • The Pet Touch ID tag helps to reunite pet & pet-owner FAST
  • Waterproof & lightweight
  • Create a pet profile for FREE, with NO subscription fees - unlimited pet information can be uploaded onto your pet profile, giving the finder insight on how to care for your pet until your arrival, with a simple QR code scan or NFC tap 
  • When the QR code on the back of the tag is tapped / scanned, an automatic notification alert with a GPS location is sent to you via email / sms
  • Custom privacy settings
  • Gives you the ability to report your pet as lost and post a reward
  • Available in 2 colours: pink paws & blue paws
  • Tag diameter is 3 cm

Pet Lost → Pet Found → GPS → Notify → Reunited → HAPPINESS

Easy - that‘s how. Simply buy a tag and create your pet profile on It’s free, fabulous with NO subscriptions costs.

You can add your contact information, your pet’s health status, their name, behaviour/personality, physical characteristics, a photo and even how to contact or locate you in the event they were to get lost.

A good samaritan simply has to either scan the QR code or do an NFC tap with their smartphone, and the information you’ve provided will become available to them. 

When the tag is scanned, you’ll receive an automatic notification via email / sms with a GPS location of where the tag was scanned. 

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