Bamboo Cat Tower Cat Bed

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Treat your cats with a stunning, eco-fibre, environmentally friendly cat bed, cat nook and cat den to nap, relax, read (the situation of course) and play.

The Bamboo Cat Tower Cat Bed is great for multi-cat households, is stylish (and most certainly a conversation starter), is also dual level with two beds, boasts a scratch pad and a teaser toy and is definitely the multi-purpose cat bed of the year. Give it a try!

  • Suitable for multi-cat households
  • Dual-level with two beds
  • Fitted with scratch pad (to protect your furniture) and a toy (to keep them entertained)
  • Stylish and made from eco-fibre that is environmentally friendly
  • Great for sleep, relax and play

55 cm (H) x 31 cm (D) x 46 cm (W)

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