Cateco Odour-Proof Litter Box

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Step into the future as your cats step into their Cateco Odour-Proof Litter Box

Because this ingenious, incredible, beneficial, ECONOMICAL and low maintenance cat litter box is specially designed to eliminate the humidity that odour-causing fungus and bacteria need to grow. 

It also flaunts an innovative air circulation technology, brace yourself – by using the heat from wee-wee’s and poopies to activate natural air circulation allowing the litter box to “breathe”.

If that didn’t blow your mind though, then be seated for this one, as you can fill the bottom of the tray with a thin layer of litter for added absorption power too. 

But wait for the cherry on top – if you’re using a premium cat litter, you only have to clean this tray more or less every 3 to 5months! Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE, but believe it, because it’s true. 

This litter box saves you time, money and is definitely a must-have!

  • ECONOMICAL – the litter really lasts for SUCH a long time thanks to this box’s ingenious design
  • Eliminates the humidity that odour-causing fungus and bacteria need to grow and thrive
  • Uses the heat from urine and feces to activate a natural air circulation process that neutralizes even the smallest clumps left behind after scooping to eliminate potential odours even more
  • Lower maintenance, as frequent cleaning isn’t as necessary thanks to this innovative technology
  • Liquids that reach the bottom of the litter box go through the aerator mesh (that’s also tear and puncture proof) and for added absorption power, you can even add a thin layer of itter at the bottom to help keep the tray cleaner for even longer
  • When using a premium cat litter, 3 to 5 months cleaning is recommended
  • Made in Canada

If your cat is a heavy and frequent urinator, or has an upset stomach more often than not, more frequent cleaning may be needed than suggested above.

44cm (W) x 56cm (L) x 22cm (H)

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