Cats of Durban 2019 Calendar

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End 2018 and start 2019 on a charitable and beyond incredible note with a Cats of Durban 2019 ‘Working Cats’ calendar.

Filled with spectacular images from photographer Brendan Bromfield, motivational quotes and an overall theme that focuses on working together – one cannot help but feel good and so very inspired after this purchase.

However, if that’s not enough, all the proceeds are donated to NPO Cats of Durban, who sterilise stray / feral cats and help educate the community. Every R500 raised pays for the sterilisation of one cat, that prevents up to 2 million abandoned kittens over an eight year period ending up on the streets … so let’s just let that sink in ... 

AND of course this A3, gorgeous, inspirational calendar is also perfect for your home, ideal as a gift and truly does support such a great great cause.

  •  A3 size + comes in gorgeous gift box
  • Makes for an incredible gift, Christmas present and stocking filler
  • Photos taken by photographer Brendan Bromfield of stray cats and their ‘homes’
  • All proceeds are donated to NPO Cats of Durban and every R500 raised pays for the sterilisation of a stray cats that DRASTICALLY reduces the number of unwanted kittens in the future
  • Who are Cats of Durban? – an NPO whose sole purpose is to sterilise feral, stray and abandoned cats and to educate individuals and businesses on the benefits of a well-managed feral cat community in terms of vermin and rodent control
  • Filled with motivational quotes and teamwork themes to get you ready to rock 2019
  • These cat calendars truly support a great cause

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