Checkered Camerons Casual Pullover Dog Jersey

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This dog jacket is too cute for words!

Style up your dog this winter and keep them snug and warm in the process with the Checkered Camerons Casual Pullover.

Made in South Africa and 100% washable, this polar fleece dog jersey boasts brown faux wool trim for added comfort. It really is the teddy-bear-look dog sweater their wardrobe’s been waiting for!

  • Checkered polar fleece with brown faux wool trim for extra comfort
  • Ideal for cold autumns, winters and other random chilly days
  • Casual enough for a jog in the park, snazzy enough for a Christmas in July function
  • 100% washable (NO fabric softener)
  • Made in South Africa
  • Comes in different sizes (and lengths) for different breeds



NOTE – if you have a dainty dame / sturdy sir on your hands, let the measurements guide you to help ensure for that perfect fit. Breed examples shown are merely a guideline for general breed body type and weight.

 1  27 cm  34 cm  Yorkie
 2  30 cm  43 cm  Mini Maltese
 2 Length  36 cm  44 cm  Dachshund
 3  39 cm  54 cm  Jack Russell
 3 Length  44 cm  54 cm  Large Dachshund
 4  45 cm  58 cm  Fox Terrier
 5  48 cm  60 cm  Spaniel
 6  52 cm  64 cm  Staffie
 7  56 cm  70 cm  Border Collie
 8  65 cm  90 cm  Boxer
 9  85 cm  100 cm  Afghan
 10  95 cm  110 cm  Rottweiler
 11  105 cm  120 cm  Boerboel
 12  115 cm  135 cm  Great Dane

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