Providing our cats with proper cat litter is vital, as unmanaged cat waste can be dangerous to them, and us. Over the past year, I’ve introduced all sorts of cat litter into our home, on a quest to discover that exemplary litter, perfectly suited for my cat’s paws, personality, my home and life. 

Here’s a list with pros and cons based on my experience dealing with these various litters and litter box products.



I’m all about the environment, thus finding myself flocking to biodegradable litter didn’t shock me in the least. Made from recycled material, I love that this litter conceals odours and has a great ability to absorb liquid, but mostly I adore the fact that it benefits our planet. My feelings aside, my cat was a big fan of the Soya Clump Litter, and we still use it in our humble abode. 


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-tracking in pellet form
  • Easy to dispose, and most CAN be flushed!
  • Soft on paws, thus great for kittens, adult and senior cats to use
  • Monthly change of litter required (except daily poop removal)


  • Not all cats adore the pellet texture
  • Turns into fine dust as urine soaks into it, that can be tracked around your home (except the Soya Clump litter)
  • Not always a delight to clean, as the dust tends to stick on the sides of the litter box



Silica litter is super absorbent and loved by many. This litter only requires you to scoop poop, and not the liquid, making it last longer, low maintenance and more economical. Silica litter used to be all the rage in our house, and is still my cat’s first love. 

ePETstore’s silica range consists of the Classic Crystal (larger crystals) and the Crystal Clump (smaller crystals that actually CLUMP - and great for cats with sensitive paws). Silica litter has that amazing ability to absorb large amounts of liquid, however bear in mind these crystals are easily tracked around the house, and similar to Lego, you will step on it at some point. Overall, they are cost-effective, available in a variety of scents, a household favourite among many and a fantastic buy.


  • Odour control properties
  • Absorbs large amounts of liquid
  • Mould bacteria are less likely to grow in silica litters
  • Economical, as litter lasts at least a week before having to be changed (excl. daily poop removal). Manufacturers suggest a monthly change but I prefer weekly


  • Not biodegradable, thus not environmentally friendly
  • Silica has a rough texture, that hurts some cat’s paws
  • Urine pools can form in the litter box, which is not always a pleasure to clean at the end
  • Easy to track the litter around the house, due to its shape that can get stuck between their toes
  • Some cats eat the silica crystals - especially kittens. If you’ve caught your cat in the crystal-eating act, this is not the litter for you. Ingesting silica could lead to serious medical complications and your cat runs the risk of becoming a litter-eating social pariah within the feline community



Thanks to this litter’s tight clumping formula, liquid is prevented from sinking to the bottom of the tray, making scooping and cleaning the box a breeze. It’s a great litter for cats who sit and dip. However, if you have cats who love to excavate paths to middle-earth, you’re in for an adventure, due to this litter’s fine sand texture, it tends migrate from inside the box to outside of the box. Keeping kitty’s needs in mind though, ePETstore’s Regal Cat Litter has a radiant clay and earthy smell, making your cat answer the call of nature in the closest thing to it. Many cat-parents (including myself) have a variety of great things to say, after having invested in this magical soil.


  • Easy to scoop
  • Ultra-tight clumping
  • More earth-friendly than silica litter
  • Economical, and lasts longer than traditional clay litter (not listed on ePETstore)
  • Gentle on paws, great for cats with sensitive paws to use
  • Combination of ultra-clumping along with the clay fragrance keep bad smells at bay 


  • Less earth-friendly than biodegradable litter
  • Only disposal option is your trash can - NEVER flush it!
  • It’s dusty, dusty, dusty - until it mixes with urine to clump
  • Very easy to track around the house, in its clean, unused and dusty/sand form
  • Due to the sand texture, cats can ingest the litter whilst grooming , which is not preferred



Most cat litters have odour suppressing super powers, however for double protection against odour defense, invest in charcoal scented cat litter (Soya Clump Charcoal, Crystal Clump Charcoal or Classic Crystal Charcoal). It’s been known that charcoal is a great tool to combat odours, so giving these charcoal scented litters a try might just be the saving you need. 

For triple protection, consider purchasing a Closed Litter Box, to keep smells inside the box. The Smart Cat Litter Box boasts a charcoal filter that acts as that added defense. I’ve caught my cat grooming inside her private litter box quarters - clearly it’s a multi-purpose hit and that charcoal filter REALLY works.

If you feel the hypochondriac inside of you still crying out for attention, Odour Neutralizers work wonders too. When your pet’s doo-doo is making you blue-blue, simply spritz those foul smells away - easy peasy colourful breezy.



ePETstore has the perfect suggestion for a 21st century cat owner - the Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter Tray. The name pretty much says it all - it’s the hands-off convenient approach to litter and life. I can almost guarantee your cat’s social status increasing by 90%. This magic tray contains silica crystals with a nice long life span and outstanding odour control.



If your phenomenal feline is forever turning their litter box into a quarry, try using a Cat Litter Mat to collect all the litter scattered across the floor (Closed Litter Boxes work well too). 

Last but not the least, by far, are our trusted litter box helpers - the poop scoop. They’re every cat-parents right hand (literally). If your scoopies need replacing, ePETstore has a classic Plastic Scoop, and an ultra-modern Biodegradable Scoop to choose from.


In the famous words of James Herriot “cats are connoisseurs of comfort”, and therefore it is our cat-parental duty to make sure our cats are clean, happy and severely satisfied. Happy shopping!

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Comine du Toit
Animal lover and cat fanatic, Comine du Toit is a Freelance Copywriter at ePETstore in South Africa. She is a mom to a very energetic Sphynx, and the godmother to a clowder of cats, a kennel of dogs as well as a flock of geese. She's a firm believer that pets are family.
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