3-in-1 Circuit Ball with Catnip Massager Cat Toy

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Most cats do love a good rub, massage, tickle and scratch – so why not provide them with their own sensational spa station with the 3-in-1 Circuit Ball with Catnip Massager cat toy from Catit.

With a mentally stimulating and exhilarating circuit for them to have a BALL of a time, a bouncy bee to spruce up the excitement even more and a majestic multi massager with glorious combs to knead their way into kitty euphoria as a reward after a long day’s play.

Great for exercise, indoor cats, active cats, charismatic and pampered cats. Includes a small bag of catnip to help get that royal, independent kitty massage magic going too!

  • 3-in-1 cat toy: mentally stimulating ball circuit, exhilarating bouncy bee for added fun and sensational multi massager with combs for that royal independent massage spa treatment
  • Catnip included to help get the fun, massage and magic going
  • Great to get indoor bodies moving and helps keep them physically active
  • 36 cm in diameter, meaning every nook and cranny makes for an ideal spot inside your home 

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