3-in-1 Catit Circuit Ball with Scratcher Cat Toy

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Turn all of your cat’s nine lives into pure awesomeness with the 3-in-1 Circuit Ball with Scratcher cat toy from Catit.

With a mentally stimulating and uber fun circuit for them to have a ball of a time, scratching post for an appropriate place to sink their claws into, a bouncy bee to spruce up the excitement to level 1000 and catnip to kick start it all.

Great for exercise, indoor cats, crazy cats, active cat and energetic cats AND what’s more – the cardboard cat scratcher is reversible too!

  • 3-in-1 cat toy: mentally stimulating ball circuit, exhilarating bouncy bee for added fun and reversible cat scratcher pad (made from corrugated cardboard) for an appropriate place to sharpen those claws
  • Catnip included to help get the fun and magic going
  • Great to get indoor bodies moving and helps keep them physically active
  • 35 cm in diameter, meaning every nook and cranny makes for an ideal spot inside your home

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