Combo Comb & Moult Stoppa Deshedding Tool for Pets

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If Rapunzel were a housepet, she’d probably be using the Combo Comb & Moult Stoppa Deshedding Tool for dogs and cats. It effortlessly detangles pet hair and eliminates dead fur from their long haired pet bodies and thus from your beloved furniture and life too. 
With an adjustable handle, grooming has been made into a comfortable experience for you AND for them, as the rake removes loose fur without tearing / cutting healthy fur. I think we all can agree, if Rapunzel were a housept, she’d definitely be using this superb tool.
* Used and recommended by professional groomers. Instructions for use shown on the packaging.

  • Ideal for dogs and cats with long hair
  • Detangles pet hair, removes knots and dead fur
  • The rake removes shedding (loose) pet hair without cutting / tearing healthy pet hair
  • Adjustable handle to make grooming easier, smoother and just a delightful chore really

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