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The Cosmic Pets Collapsible Pet Carrier or Soft Crate is lightweight and durable with a sturdy steel frame to keep your pets safe and comfortable, particularly while travelling. All four sides and top have mesh windows to allow more air and light in than most carriers and 3 openings for easy loading makes travelling less stressful. This stylish pet carrier is perfect for trips to the vet, crate training puppies or simply a quiet, secure place to rest.

  • 3 Doors for easy loading 
  • More mesh, air & light than most carriers
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Lightweight 
  • Doubles as a pet bed 
  • Great for pets who siffer from anxiety during thunderstorms – gives them a safe den
  • Ideal for crate training puppies
  • Treat & toy pouches
  • Soft washable wool fleece base
  • Folds flat to 7 cm for convenient storage
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty


These carriers are ideal for vet visits for your cat or small dog. Dogs like to be able to look out of the sides but still feel comfortable when they are being carried around. Being in a carrier is safer for small dogs as they are less likely to get bitten by another dog in the waiting room at the vet. They can also be put up onto the chairs and away from big dogs on leads. Get them used to being in a carrier form a young age and allow them in the carrier at home so they don’t associate it with a stressful situation. Give them treats while in the carrier at home and put their favourite toy inside for them to play with so they love being in there.

How to Choose the Right Size

Dogs: Measure the distance from the top of the nose to the root of the tail and from the ground to the highest point of the dog. The carrier should be big enough for your pet to stand comfortably and turn around.

Cats: The carrier should be one and a half times the size of your cat, with enough room to stand up and turn around. For shows, bigger crates are recommended to accommodate litter box, water and food bowls, toys etc.

Small 49 x 34 x 35 cm 2.8 kg 7 kg
Medium 60 x 42 x 42 cm 3.1 kg 11 kg
Large 70 x 52 x 52 cm 3.5 kg 16 kg

Bigger sizes available on request.

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