All countries have their fair share of animal lovers and animal attractions, however it’s safe to say that SOME countries have taken their love for their furry friends to a whole new level. If you’re a feline fanatic or a dog devotee, here’s a list of countries you’ll definitely want to add to your bucket list.


1. South Korea - Cat Cafes

Cat cafes are all the rage in South Korea, where you can play with a TAIL load of different cat breeds, from sleek sphynx cats to gigantic Maine Coons, from your classic tabby to stylish American Shorthairs - and the coffee is great!

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2. Japan - Cat Island

Tashirojima also known as Cat Island, is every cat person’s dream. This island boasts a cat population that outnumbers its human population, and is the ultimate treat for any cat person who LOVES being surrounded by cats 24/7. 

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3. Netherlands - Cat Cabinet

Trust Europe to have a fur-bulous collection of art, and at Amsterdam’s KattenKabinet cat art is what you’ll find. The museum’s collection contains work from Pablo Picasso to Rembrandt, and is a definite must see for any curious cat and cat cognoscenti.

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4. Malaysia - Kuching Cat Museum 

Rocking the lives of cat lovers since 1993 - treat yourself to Malaysia’s Kuching Cat Museum. With a rough estimate of 4,000 artefacts, including paintings and memorials related to cats, this museum is a great place to visit. Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur also boasts a rather large stray cat population. Just another reason why Malaysia is a magnificent vacation spot for cat enthusiasts.

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1. Nepal - Hindu Festival of Diwali

There’s a colourful Diwali day in Nepal devoted entirely to dogs, called ‘Kukur Tihar’. Dog-parents feed their decorated and devoted dogs scrumptious food, and honour the special bond between man and man’s best friend.

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2. USA (New York) - Tompkins Square Halloween Parade

If you and your pooch LOVE to dress up, this doggy parade is JUST for you. With cash prizes up for grabs, there’s no reason not to join in on the fun. The winner can donate their prize to charity, or use it for their flight back home. This year’s 27th annual Halloween Dog Parade will be held October 21st. Trick ‘r treat yourself with this trip!

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3. South Korea - Bau House Dog Cafe

The Bau House dog cafe caters for all those doggy interaction needs. Spoil yourself with a divine drink and enjoy an afternoon filled with canine charm. 

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4. USA (Missouri) - Museum of the Dog

With over 700 original paintings, porcelain figurines, sculptures and prints, Missouri’s dog museum will take you on a journey of the world’s finest collection of art devoted entirely to dogs.

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Do you have more places to add? We'd LOVE to hear in the comment section about a fantastic country you've been to, for the ultimate pet lover!


Comine du Toit
Animal lover and cat fanatic, Comine du Toit is a Freelance Copywriter at ePETstore in South Africa. She is a mom to a very energetic Sphynx, and the godmother to a clowder of cats, a kennel of dogs as well as a flock of geese. She's a firm believer that pets are family.
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