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Dermoscent Sunfree Sunscreen for Dogs and Cats

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Yes, dogs and cats need sunscreen too! White, hairless or thin-haired pets are most prone to sunburn, but it’s also a good idea to apply sunscreen to ears, nose and tummies of your fur-kids that spend a lot time outdoors. 

Moisturising and providing high sun protection, SPF30+, SunFREE is super easy to use, being non-greasy, non-sticky and water resistant. 

With its special blend of natural mineral sun reflecting pigments, SunFREE prevents sunburn from harmful UVA & UVB rays. SunFREE also helps prevent skin diseases that are induced by sun exposure such as actinic dermatitis, epidermoid carcinomas and photosensitisation.

  • 100% natural and fragrance free makes it suitable for sensitive dogs and cats
  • Easy to use being non-sticky, non-greasy & water resistant
  • SPF30+
  • Moisturising UVA & UVB protection


If your pet spends time outdoors there’s a risk of sun induced skin problems, including some types of cancer. Use sunblock daily on non-pigmented skin to protect them. It’s common for dogs with “white” areas on their stomach to develop skin cancer as they lie on their backs in the sun all day. Cats often get cancer on the tips of their ears, nose and lips. The more pink and sensitive the skin, the more risk there is of skin cancer.

Directions for use

Apply every morning or before exposure. Re-apply in cases of prolonged sun exposure or on dogs that have been bathed.

SunFREE is recommended for use on:

  • Sparsly haired areas such as abdomen, ears, nose and interior thighs, light coloured dogs and cats, hairless breeds and after clipping
  • Depigmented areas like scars or surgical wounds or for dogs and cats suffering from secondary depigmentation induced by diseases such as vitiligos, pemphigus etc
  • Dogs and cats suffering from photo aggravated diseases such as ischaemic dermatopathy and cutaneous lupus



Titanium dioxide and aluminium dioxide: sun reflecting mineral pigments

Candelilla wax: hydrating vegetable wax


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