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Have dog treats on standby during training sessions with this black and uber gorgeous Treat Bag.

This practical bag effortlessly clips onto your belt, has a wide opening to easily allow quick access to those rewards, flaunts drawstrips to protect against rain and greedy canines (because we all know one) and is an overall super convenient product to own.

BUT what’s more though – this bag also has multiple pockets for storing personal items (keys, tissues or even extra treats) and/or your CLIX Multi-clicker. Absolutely trouble-free, modern and defs a must have.

  • Black with grey trim
  • Flaunts a wide opening for easy access to treats
  • Has a drawstring closure making it waterproof and dog-thief proof
  • Separate zipped pocket that’s great to store personal items (keys, tissues, cash, lotto tickets)
  • Boasts specifically designed holders, fabulous for CLIX Multi-clicker or to store other clickers
  • Clip / belt loop fitting for secure attachment (to your belt – amazing AND brilliantly convenient too)



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