Simple Solution UV LED Spot Spotter

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Tired of sniffing carpets, pillows, scatter cushions and chairs in search of that lingering smell’s origin?

Be tired no more – introducing this sensational Simple Solution UV LED Spot Spotter

Just like a mind-blowing CSI episode – pet biological contamination (e.g. pet urine) glows in the dark, thus revealing hidden stains and the source of those unwanted odours.

Now you can clean the right area effectively and without a doubt wave goodbye to spots, stains, smells and olfactory pains too.


  • 21 UV (ultraviolet) lights that make pet biological contamination glow in the dark - meaning spots and stains like pet urine are revealed 
  • Once the origin of that lingering smell is revealed, you can now remove the odour at its source
  • Use this product in a darkened room
  • You can also use this product in conjunction with SIMPLE SOLUTION STAIN & ODOUR REMOVER to completely eliminate all traces of unwanted spots and bad smells
  • Requires three (3) AAA batteries (NOT included with package)

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