Dog Grooming

ePETstore boasts a large variety of top notch grooming products for all dogs. Be it a wooly mammoth puppy, use the Foolee to Furminator deshedding tools to successfully de-shed them, and rid your clothes, home and life from unwanted doggy hair.

Have an adventurous canine? Wash them in shampoo so effective, that mud, grime, moths, snails and dust is effortlessly removed without stripping their coats from its natural oils.

Has your dog turned into an owl overnight? Safely clip their claws with premium, sturdy and easy to use nail clippers. ePETstore stocks high quality brands like Kyron, Mikki, along with a variety of adored international brands like TropiClean, Purl and Bayer. Sensitive skin to tangled hair, Yorkies to Huskies, Anti-Flea to Anti-Fungal shampoo, ePETstore has you covered.

Let your dogs enjoy grooming time with exquisite shampoos to conditioners, deodorisers to ear cleaners and have them flaunt tick free coats that shine and shimmer. Summer in full swing, or planning a day at the park? Protect thin coats with powerful sunscreens and let them wave goodbye to sunburn for good. Our variety of products keep them neat, clean, and also to support their overall well-being. ePETstore has what you need, and we deliver it right to your door.