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Upgrade water playtime with this safe, snug and spectacular Life Jacket for dogs. Great for trips to the beach, river, lake, pond or pool. Bright yellow with reflective piping and 50% more ultr-buoyant material than most other dog life jackets, your dog will be easy to spot and enjoy a natural, safe & easy swimming position at all times.

Great for the strongest of swimmers - you never know when that unexpected wave or riptide current could strike.

Designed with a high strength D-buckle to clip their leash onto, and convenient grab handles to guide your dog out of the water.

With a zip storage pocket, adjustable neoprene straps, light in weight with a sung and comfortable fit, your dog will be the talk of the aquatic world. 

  • Recognized as one of the top dog PFD’s (personal floatation device) on the market
  • Diligently tested to ensure your dog gets the most ergonomic and comfortable fit possible
  • Boasts 50% more ultra-buoyant material, strategically placed to keep your dog in a natural, easy swimming position at all times
  • Adjustable neoprene straps for a comfortable and secure fit, making putting on the life jacket super easy & quick 
  • The Life Jacket doesn’t hinder or restrict your dog’s natural movements - so you can play on land or water with the same amount of vigour
  • Contoured neck for comfort
  • Bright yellow with reflective piping for high visibility 
  • Fitted with a zip storage pocket
  • Heavy duty polyester construction for durability
  • Convenient grab handle, to guide your dog out of the water
  • High strength D-buckle anchor point, to clip dog leash to vest


For best fit measure the girth of the dog. This is the area around your dog at the widest. Measure the general back length of the dog. Girth will take priority when selecting a size. The Life Jacket doesn’t need to cover your dog’s entire back length to be effective.

 XSmall  6 – 11 kg  48 – 81 cm  25 – 33 cm
 Small  9 – 20 kg  53 – 89 cm  33 – 40 cm
 Medium  18 – 27 kg  64 – 99 cm  38 – 50 cm
 Large  27 – 40 kg  69 – 111 cm  43 – 61 cm
 X Large  > 40 kg  76 – 122 cm  50 – 66 cm


How to Fit an EzyDog Life Jacket


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