I’m Gismo Flashlight Connectable

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The I’m Gismo Flashlight Connectable makes for a handy addition to your I’m Gismo Handle.

It’s a compact, lightweight and rechargeable (no batteries needed) flashlight for walks and jogs during dusk or dawn. 

It easily attaches to the front of your I’m Gismo Handle and boasts a dual flashlight mode for normal shine and blinking mode.

What’s more - Its LED light shines brighter than any standard cell phone torch and illuminates the area in front and behind you improving visibility and thus your safety.

  • Connects to your I’m Gismo Handle (sold separately)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • DUAL FLASHLIGHT MODE is a multi-purpose button on the I’m Gismo Handle that turns torch on with a single push. A second push puts it into blinking mode along with a third push to turn it off
  • RECHARGEABLE with over 3 hours of battery life (no batteries required - USB cable included)
  • STRONG LED LIGHT that shines brighter than a standard cell phone torch
  • IMPROVED VISIBILITY & SAFETY with a front and rear light that allows you and your dog(s) to be seen from the front and back
  • FREEDOM since it allows one hand to be free (instead of holding a leash AND light)



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