John Paul Tea Tree Pet Shampoo

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Clean and soothe your pet’s skin with the world renowned Paul Mitchell brandJohn Paul Tea Tree Pet Shampoo.

It helps reduce skin irritations, allows hot spots to heal and moisturises parched pet skin with its special combination of tea tree leaf oil, eucalyptus, almond oil, chamomile and aloe.

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  • Suitable for dogs and cats with sensitive skin
  • Botanical pet shampoo that cleans, soothes, moisturizes, helps reduce skin irritations and helps allow with the skin’s healing process
  • Specially formulated with Australian tea tree leaf oil, eucalyptus, almond oil, chamomile and aloe to replenish moisture and lets their skin shine
  • Leaves a delightful and gentle tea tree scent on your pet’s skin and coat
  • PH balanced for pets
  • Economical – as highly concentrated botanical formula requires less product than competitive brands
  • Made in the USA from the same all-natural botanical extracts as our PAUL MITCHELL brand for humans
  • Cruelty-free – Tested on Humans First

473 ml


  • Gently massage a small amount into damp fur (naturally avoiding the eye and ear areas)
  • Let lather set for one minute then rinse with cool, clear water
  • Towel dry and comb through

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