Dogit Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain Replacement Filters

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Replace your Dogit Al Fresco Drinking Fountain’s old, dated and gross filters with these Dogit replacement carbon filters, specially shaped and designed to fit into you Dogit fountain and bring the water’s hygiene back to life. 

For ultimate sanity, and sanitary - replace your filter every 3 weeks. Luckily this is 2 pack, just to help keep you motivated.

  • Pack contains 2 carbon filters
  • Made to perfectly fit into the Dogit Al Fresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain
  • Filter collects debris, food hair and sediment, and absorbs water impurities


  1. Rinse the filter under running water to remove any excess carbon dust, and place into the designated area of your Dogit fountain.
  2. Replace the filter every 3 weeks OR when there are clearly visible signs that the filter is saturated with foreign matter.

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