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Our Premium Country Beds provides superior comfort for your dog. This bed makes a fashion statement in any room, the bolster is made of a durable water proof 300/600 polyester oxford outdoor treated polyester with water & stain resistance. A Sherpa center cushion provides extra comfort. The centre cushion is reversible, with The bed is filled with super premium, high loft polyester fiber-fil, which ensures a snug rest anywhere in the house. To keep the bed safe from accidents or spills, the base is made of a heavy duty, water proof 300/600 denier. This bagel dog bed is easy to clean, just turn the bed inside out, unzip the 4 zips, remove the cover, and wash the cover separately. Machine wash and dry cover. Spot clean insert.

Designed to complement any décor, this deluxe premium dog bed is the ideal resting spot for your loyal companion.

Polyester oxford is a 100% polyester fabric that has a PU coating. This fabric is traditionally used for raincoats, however it has become very popular and quite versatile in the outdoor market, such as tents. Therefore it is a perfect material to use on our beds. Not only does it make the bed waterproof, it also extends it's lifetime.

NB: These beds have recently had a size change. All the sizes are considerably smaller than the previous model of Premium Country Beds. Please check sizing below

Sizes Dimensions (cm)
L 57 x 41 x 18
XL 66 x 49 x 22
XXL 77 x 58 x 27
3XL 90 x 67 x 32
4XL 110 x 95 x 35

The bed is made with tough, 300/600 polyester oxford outdoor treated polyester with water & stain resistance. The middle piece has coral fleece on the one side and canvas material on the other. 

We use foam chips as flling on the side of the bed and blanket fibre in the middle piece.

100% Removable cover

1. Turn the bed inside out, you will see 4 zips on the inside of the bed

2. Now unzip! Take out all 4 of the inner cushions, and wash the cover in the washing machine.

3. The middle cushion comes out from the bottom of the bed

4. Once you dry the cover properly, you can then put the inner cushions back.

5. The inner cushions are recommended to be washed by hand and dry under the sun

6. Wash in COLD water only, do not tumble dry.

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