DOOG Captain Fantastick Super Stick Dog Toy

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Captain Fantastick, a member of The Super Sticks family, is made from durable, natural rubber. An ideal, eco friendly toy for chucking and chasing at the dog park. Captain Fantastick isn't afraid of a bit of rough and tumble and best of all your dog won't get splinters from fetching him! Captain Fantastick has glow in the dark eyes and a handy grip for grappling. The rope ensures your Super Stick can be hung at the front door ready for his next adventure. Toy is 28cm.                                                             

Note: These Stick Toys are not designed for the water and will not float.


This is a great alternative to your pet carrying around a normal wooden stick. Pieces of wood can get lodged in between a dog’s teeth or stuck into the hard palate. You may not be able to see that there is a foreign body stuck in their mouth until it gets infected or a tooth starts to rot. 

No dog toy is indestructible but The Super Sticks will certainly put up a good fight. If any part becomes loose or detached, remove the toy from your dog. Pets should be supervised when playing with this or any other toy. The Super Sticks DO NOT float in water. For a fetching DOOG toy in water, try Barkley, a member of the original Stick family from DOOG available here on

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