Ruff to Fluff Dry Shampoo for Dogs , Cats & Small Pets

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If your pet HATES bathtime, loathes water, you live in a water scarce area or your water bill is through the roof - this Ruff To Fluff dry shampoo is what you need!

It’s great for itchy pets, pets with sensitive skin, designed to quickly and effectively freshen up those smelly pet bodies between their normal washes, and absorbs those unclean oils, odours and dirt.

What’s more – this dry shampoo for dogs and cats contains a phthalate-free, low irritant fragrant oil to leave your pet smelling great, without triggering those potential hay fever-related sneezes.

  • Suitable for itchy pets and pets with sensitive skin
  • Great product to quickly freshen up your dog or cat between washes
  • Ideal for water scarce areas or pets who hate bathtime 
  • Powder formula that absorbs oils, odours and dirt
  • It’s talc-free (talcum powder – refer below for more on this)
  • Contains a phthalate-free low irritant fragrant oil to leave them smelling great, but also soft on YOUR nose
  • Dr. Zoo is one of Australia's leading pet care ranges
  • 250g bottle

No water needed
Simply sprinkle some powder onto your pet's fur and rub through (give your pet a good scratch and massage at the same time - why not right?)
Leave for 5 - 10 minutes, then brush / blow dry out the excess powder

It’s not clear if consumer products containing talcum powder actually increase the risk of cancer, as studies have had mixed results. 
So, Dr. Zoo rather uses natural ingredients like Tapioca Powder and Sodium Bicarbonate that are great at absorbing oils and odours! That’s all one needs from a dry shampoo, right?

Tapioca Powder, Sodium Bicarbonate, D Panthenol, Colloidal Rice Bran, Allantoin, Fragrant Oil (Phthalate-free).


NOTE - Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up-to-date list of ingredients.

The team behind Dr. Zoo has a background in creating natural products for humans (MooGoo Skin Care), and with their expertise, they’ve decided to develop a natural range of skin care for our beloved pets. 


Pets share some of the same skin problems as humans, but their skin is a little bit different than ours. Dr. Zoo adjusted the pH to suit our pets’ skin perfectly, it’s also 100% natural and lickable.


Did you know that there is no regulation for pet products to list the ingredients used? Dr. Zoo’s team is passionate about letting pet owners know exactly which ingredients are in their products. 

That way, owners can research the ingredients themselves to make sure they are healthy for their pets. 

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