Dr Zoo Range Available Online

This double-sided Bamboo Grooming Brush is suitable for all dog breeds and all types of do..
R173.02 Ex Tax: R150.45
The Crusty Nose Itchy Toes and Paw Butter from Dr. Zoo is specially designed to nouri..
R173.02 Ex Tax: R150.45
Do you have an itchy pet on your hands? Then why not try the Natural Calming Shampoo from ..
R198.97 Ex Tax: R173.02
Leave your fur-babies looking great and feeling spectacular with the Dr.Zoo Nourishing Con..
R198.97 Ex Tax: R173.02
Protect your pet’s skin from the harsh South African sun, with this natural and ZINC..
R259.53 Ex Tax: R225.68
Gently moisturize and soothe irritated and dry pet skin with the Dr. Zoo Irritab..
R198.97 Ex Tax: R173.02
Spray away annoying bugs that tend to hangout around your pet’s eyes and ears with t..
R171.29 Ex Tax: R148.95
If your pet HATES bathtime, loathes water, you live in a water scarce area or your water b..
R224.93 Ex Tax: R195.59
All pet-parents know, after bathtime it’s shake time – leaving us almost wette..
R103.81 Ex Tax: R90.27
Detangle and condition your pet’s fur like a professional, with the Dr. Zoo Tame the..
R155.72 Ex Tax: R135.41
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