Shake It Off Shammy Pet Towel

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All pet-parents know, after bathtime it’s shake time – leaving us almost wetter than the one who had a bath. So introducing the Shake It Off Shammy towels for dogs & cats. This quick-drying pet towel cuts the drying time in half. 

A great product to have on standby when at the beach, heading towards the bath or a day lounging around the pool. 

But the best part is, you simply rinse it with water and wring it out after use; and it’ll be ready to tackle wet pet number 2! 

  • Quick-drying
  • Super absorbent
  • Just wring dry after use


75 cm x 23 cm

After every use, simply rinse your Shammy with water and wring it out. 
Then roll and return to the container before it dries completely. 
Keeping it in the container with the lid tightly closed will prolong the life and use of your sensational Shammy pet towel.

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