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Poppy Digital Food Measuring Scoop

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Let’s get super real quickly – the Poppy Digital Food Measuring Scoop from M PETS is an absolute game-changer. It’s just fabulous to help you quickly and conveniently measure or dog’s or cat’s food.

It can measure solid food, liquid food and water, as well as effortlessly switch between weighing units, so whether you prefer grams, cups, fluid ounces or just plain ounces, this tool has got your back!

  • Helps ensure your pets get the correct amount of food for their age, size and if on a special diet
  • Can be used to measure solid and liquid pet food and water
  • Boasts precise measurement (max weight measuring up to 800g and the error value within 10g)
  • Flaunts 5 weighing units, so whether you’re in a British, American or South African mood, you can effortlessly switch between grams/cup/fluid ounce/ounce
  • Has an LCD digital screen display for added precision and awesomeness
  • T digital scale comes with a removable cup made of high-quality ABS material that’s easy to install and also remove for cleaning
  • Uses CR2032 Button Lithium Battery (not included)

29 x 9.4 x 5 cm

This is a hand held weight scoop. Attempting to weigh your pet's food whilst placing this on the surface may yield errors. For best results weigh your pet's food whilst holding the scoop. 

This item does not include batteries. These would need to be purchased separately. Specs: CR2032 Button Battery



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