Eukanuba Dog Food Bin

  • Brand: Eukanuba
  • Product Code: ZEUKB001
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  • R300.00

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Stop living in fear of breaking the seal, take back your life and keep your pooch’s food fresh with a Eukanuba dog food bin. Simply decant the food into this stunning, plastic bin and lock in the freshness like never before. 

  • Great for keeping food fresh
  • Stunning Eukanuba branding as only Eukanuba can
  • Holds 12 kgs of Eukanuba and up


Make sure that you keep your pet’s food in a sealed container and in a cool dry area.  Warmth and moisture can lead to mould growing on your pet’s food. The risk for this is increased if the food is not sealed properly. Mould can cause gastrointestinal upsets or other more serious signs if it is eaten.

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