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Pressured for time - all the time? Get the Quick Fit Dog Harness. With a one size fits all policy, simply adjust each strap ONCE, buckle on the harness with ONE click and like the French say, voilà, you’re good to go.

Fitted with an ID tag holder and designed to minimize pinching and chafing, this dog harness has reflective stitching for night safety and also gives dog-parents great control.

  • Straps need to be adjusted only once (but are adjustable at any time)
  • Neoprene lining for comfort
  • Lightweight dog harness for ease 
  • Reflective stitching for night safety
  • Stainless steel ring is a secure anchor for leashes


For best fit measure the girth of the dog. This is the area behind the front legs and around the body. The neck will typically fall into place once girth is determined. If the measurement is close to the end of the size range, go up to the larger size.

 Small  5 – 10 kg  34 – 56 cm  46 – 55 cm
 Medium  10 – 19 kg  41 – 68 cm  55 – 68 cm
 Large  19 – 35 kg  46 – 78 cm  68 – 84 cm
 X Large  > 35 kg  52 -90 cm  84 – 107 cm



  • Slip harness over your dog’s head and adjust the belly strap to a proper fit. If the belly strap does not fit - simply move it to the next size
  • Once the belly strap fits, take the harness off your dogs to adjust the one time chest adjustment (if needed). Slide the neoprene sleeve to one side and adjust the sandwich velcro. The red safety patch in the velcro MUST BE HIDDEN
  • Slip the harness over your dog’s head and click the buckle into place

IMPORTANT: straps should fit snug with the ability to squeeze your two fingers under the webbing

How to Fit a Quick Fit Harness

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