Feather Wobble Pet Droid Cat Toy

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Spoil your cat with the incredible Feather Wobble Pet Droid cat toy. 

Why? Because it’s just so very awesome! With natural feathers and a sound clip to add that exhilarating and realistic bird sounds and feel to playtime.

With a motion sensor that reacts to your cat’s movements added to the mix too - it’s safe to say that independent play has been elevated to a whole new level. 


ALSO A HIT AMONGST THE FELINE THE COMMUNITY – check out the Feather Hider Pet Droid.

  • Designed to satisfy your cat's hunting instinct and to keep it on its paws.
  • Sound clip to add wildly exciting sound effects to playtime
  • Motion sensors that reacts to your cat’s movements 
  • Battery Operated (battery included) 

5cm x 5cm x 14cm

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