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Please note: Collar not included

Not knowing where your pet is, if they’re safe or if they’ll ever find their way home is beyond traumatic, agonizing and heartbreaking. Prevent this terrible situation from ever happening to your family with a FetchMe GPS Pet Tracker
The wireless GPS connection allows you to effortlessly monitor and track your beloved pet’s location nationwide. This incredible product notifies you when your pet leaves home, allowing you to fetch them and bring them back.
With a live tracking feature (a mere push of a button), cellular and satellite technology (sim card included & RICA done for you) and marvelous electronic engineering, this pet tracker is light in weight, water resistant, small in size, easy to use, strong and awesome.
Simply BUY THE TRACKER → ATTACH TO COLLAR → DOWNLOAD THE APP → REST ASSURED and continue the happiness day in and day out. With a 1 year warranty and affordable subscription fee, we simply cannot afford NOT to invest in our pet’s safety.

  • National Coverage
  • Cellular and satellite technology (SIM included & RICA done for you)
  • Simply buy the device, choose your subscription plan (6, 12 or 24 month subscription purchase is required), attach the device and download the app (app’s name = Fetch SA) - easy peasy!
  • Light, small, strong, water resistant, comfortable and secure
  • Monitor and track your pet with the ‘find me’ live tracking feature and wireless GPS connection
  • Check what your pets have been up to the past month with the ‘track me’ feature. This option shows you their movement history
  • You can create a virtual fence and receive notifications if your pet leaves that area or passes that virtual fence
  • Battery can last up to 3 days (on average)
  • Attaches to any collar that is up to 25 mm wide
  • Compatible with Apple iOS 6.0 (or later) and Android 3.0 (or later)

32mm (W) x 58mm (L)

35 grams
Start manual
USB charging cable
GPS Tracker and activity monitor with SIM
Collar attachment (fits collars up to 25mm wide)
On average, the battery lasts about 3 days depending on cellular coverage and how regularly it is set to check your pet’s location. 
The app will tell you when it’s time to charge your device (such a score). A recharge takes 2 hours and charging every 2-3 days is recommended to ensure your pets are always covered. 
While locating your pet is understandably the most important feature of fetchme!, is does use a fair amount of battery, thus using the “Location” and “Real time position” features only when your pet is really AWOL and you’re trying to find them is recommended.

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