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Let’s get real super quick – the fear of losing one’s pet / four-legged baba is REAL, especially during firework’s season or just for the mere fact that accidents happen.

So prevent your pet’s identity from becoming lost when they are, and invest in the super affordable Find Me Pet Tag from Martlons. 

Honestly - this pet tag is just so easy to use, ANY good samaritan with a smartphone can scan the tag and potentially get your baba back to you!

Did we mention this tag is waterproof too? It is! Be sure to get yours today.

  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Affordable identification option
  • Waterproof pet tag with microchip that attached to your pet’s collar
  • If your pet is lost, anyone with a smartphone can scan the tag
  • Visible pet tag that’s convenient to attach and convenient to use and convenient to track
  • NO subscription fee required


  • Waterproof pet tag that has a microchip on the inside. Simply attach the tag to your pet’s collar. If your pet ever were to become lost, ANYONE with a smartphone will be able to scan the tag and automatically send you a personalised SMS to help you recover your pet.
  • The design clearly stands out on the collar and clearly signifies that a smartphone can conveniently retrieve the pet owner’s details.
  • Designed with NFC technology that is widely available on most smartphones, NO software installation required. You fully own the tag and all its functionality independent of anyone else.



  1. Download the NFC for iPhone App from the App Store.
  2. At the bottom click on NFC WRITER.
  3. Click on the WRITE button, select SMS / phone number, fill in your details and click SAVE.
  4. The blue WRITE button will now appear with the details you supplied.
  5. Click the WRITE button and move over tag. Test the tag for 100% surety and security. 





  1. Under settings, ensure that your NFC settings on your phone is enabled before proceeding.
  2. From the Play Store, download the NFC TAG WRITER APP.
  3. Open app. From the menu, select WRITE SMS.
  4. Click on SMS NUMBER and insert the phone number that you would like to be informed on.
  5. Click on MESSAGE and type your message - e.g. I have your dog, please contact me.
  6. Click on the WRITE TO TAG. The message as well as the phone number will be displayed.
  7. Touch the tag at the back of your phone to write SMS.
  8. Ensure your tag was programmed correctly by testing it.


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