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Floatiez Floating Dog Toys

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Splash up water games, interactive dog games and outdoor fun to level 100 with these Floatiez Floating Dog Toys

These adorable, brightly coloured sea creature dog toys are great for any water loving dog breed to enjoy. With internal tennis balls or noodles – they float, flop and bounce for added fun.

Made with a canvas type fabric, these floating dog toys can also withstand the occasional nibble and chew – so let the water fun commence today!

  • Adorable colourful sea creatures to spruce up water games 
  • Increases the level of fun when playing in the pool / water
  • These toys float and flop for easy retrieving
  • With internal tennis balls to foam noodles for added bounce and buoyancy
  • Made from durable material for that rewarding nibble and chew
  • Narwhal, Stingray & Turtle all giggle too for added pool fun
  • * Enjoy responsibly - exhaustion can lead to drowning *

For longer lasting and safe water play sessions invest in a Doggie Life Jacket (EZYDOG LIFE JACKET | OUTWARD HOUND LIFE JACKET)

Turtle = 20 cm L x 16 cm W x 7 cm H (excl legs)
Jellyfish = 33 cm L x 11.4 cm W x 6.6 cm H (incl tentacles)
Stingray = 20 cm L x 9 cm W x 7 cm H (excl tails & fins)
Starfish = 30 cm L x 24 cm W x 6.6 cm H  (incl limbs)
Narwhal = 26 cm L x 12 cm W x 9.4 cm H (excl tail)

Turtle (green)
Jellyfish (pink)
Stingray (blue)
Starfish (orange)
Narwhal (purple)

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