Foolee Brush for Dogs and Cats up to 10kgs

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Prevent your pet’s wardrobe change, affecting yours with the Foolee Brush for dogs and cats. This deshedding tool effortlessly removes dead hair off short/long haired pets, enhances their well-being, allows their skin to breathe, and is super easy to use. What’s more - this top notch brush also helps prevent hairball formation in cats. You’ll be a foolee not to invest in a Foolee.

  • Brush blade length is 4.5cm
  • Suitable for dogs and cats up to 10kg
  • Brush blade is 4.5cm
  • Easy to use
  • Allows skin to breathe
  • Helps prevent hairball formation in cats
  • Effortlessly removes dead hair off short/long haired pets
  • Ideal brushing angle with a single piece handle for extra strength
  • Keeps them cool and looking neat (especially during the warmer months)


Brush in the direction of hair growth, without pressing or forcing the brush. Avoid excessive brushing on areas you have already brushed as you could form a "hole" in the coat and irritate your pet's skin. It is preferable to wash your dog before each brushing, as it is important to use the Foolee® brush on clean, dry hair. Brushing will be easier and your equipment will remain in perfect condition. 

Only use your brush on your pet's coat. Take special care not to use it on any injuries or wounds. Take care around sensitive areas (mouth, genitals, anus, pads, ears, eyes, etc). If you have any doubts, please consult a vet. Foolee® is not designed to be used on coats that are too tangled, so for safety, it is preferable to inspect your pet before using the brush.

It is important not to drop the Foolee® brush as the comb is a high-precision instrument and the slightest impact on the blade could damage it. So remember to replace the protective cover when you have finished brushing.

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