Hound Sleeper Quilted Cover Dog Bed Protector

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Protect your dog’s beloved Hound Sleeper Dog Bed and provide them with additional comfort in the process with this beautiful, dog-printed and must-have Quilted Cover Dog Bed Protector.

Perfectly designed to fit across the corners of their Hound Sleeper Dog Bed, to perfectly fit over the legs and thus be perfectly stretched out over the canvas to protect it from dirt, dust and nesting dogs.

And when they nest, rest & shed – just remember this bed protector is machine washable too. 

Fits PERFECTLY onto the

  • Suitable for the Hound Sleeper Dog Bed
  • Flaunts beautiful dog patterns
  • Velcro stitched across the corners to enable the cover to perfectly fit over the legs of your Hound Sleeper Dog Bed frame and thus help protect the canvas from nesting dogs
  • Machine washable

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