Springtime brings fresh air, birds, bees and flowers - it ALSO brings heaps and heaps of hair - CRINGE! Even though seasonal shedding is beyond NORMAL, we as pet-parents don’t have to suffer through clumps and clumps and clumps of hair for days on end.

Follow our SUPER SIMPLE steps to reduce shedding and to ensure your pet’s coat is healthy, glowing and glorious to look at.


As the famous saying goes - we are what we eat. It’s vital that we provide our pets with QUALITY food that benefits their inner AND outer health. Fascinating fact - a third of our daily protein intake does go to maintain a healthy skin and coat, therefore providing our pets with a premium diet is crucial. 

Speak to your vet about premium diets, or have a look at ePETstore’s range of premium pet food for CATS and DOGS that’s complete with high-quality animal proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals - all advantageous nutrients to aid against the shedding crises.


Premium diets at first glance, blow our minds with their prices. But truth be told - owners have noticed a difference in as little as 4 weeks after letting their pets feast on top-notch brands. These top quality diets are highly digestible and nutrient dense, which means that our pets eat less because their tummies are full for longer. One bag of premium pet food lasts longer and actually is MORE cost effective.

Need another bonus? These superior diets spoil us as pet parents with less poop to clean up! Now that’s priceless!


Dehydration can lead to a stack of health problems, but it can also lead to a dry, itchy skin. Parched skin causes excessive shedding, since loads of scratching causes additional hair loss. Make sure all four-legged children regularly fill up their anatomical tanks with fresh water. DRINKING FOUNTAINS stimulate pets to drink more - #just saying.


Tick & fleas are atrocious and can cause illness and discomfort, leaving our pets in an itchy state. Prevent the scratch and the hair detach epidemic with vet recommended DOG and CAT flea treatments (TIP: contuning with tick & flea treatments throughout the year is the way to go).

Check for signs of fleas using a FLEA COMB - you might spot the guilty bugs themselves or come across small black flecks of flea dirt. 

Fleas must be treated on both your pet and the environment. Try this this magical FLEA ENVIRONMENTAL SPRAY in your home together with your preferred pet treatment to eradicate fleas entirely.


Regular grooming significantly reduces shedding and improves that special owner-pet bond. Bathing your dog at least once a month is key for coat care. NEVER use human/baby shampoo as the pH of a pet’s skin drastically differs from our own. 

ePETstore boasts a large variety of DOG and CAT shampoos, as well as special SHEDDING REDUCTION SHAMPOO. You could also use the FURMINATOR DESHEDDING SPRAY – it’s waterless and awesome to reduce shedding. Boom - exciting times await!


Some four-legged children suffer from sensitive skin, allergies or other skin related problems. This shouldn’t be a reason not to give them a bath. Keep their skin and coats clean from dirt and irritations with MEDICATED SHAMPOO. If you’re not sure about the best shampoo for your pet’s condition, always speak to your vet about a suitable recommendation.


Brushing is a magnificent way to remove dead, dull and loose hair from your pet’s body - and again - assist with shedding reduction. Brushes like the FOOLEE and the FURMINATOR are excellent choices to remove the maximum amount of lifeless fur, and flaunt great customer reviews - 

Debbie (☆☆☆☆☆) – This is the most amazing brush..... the ONLY ONE i would recommend to use on dogs with thick coats... double coats.... and dogs who shed a lot and need regular brushing especially the Husky breed.

Kate (☆☆☆☆☆) – This is a fantastic brush. I can't believe how much dead hair it brushes out of my Labrador's coat. Would definitely recommend this. Great value for a brush in this league.

Carlien (☆☆☆☆☆) – I absolutely ADORE the Foolee Brush!!! What used to be a nightmare grooming session, is now a breeze. If works very well with our Toy Pomeranians so would definitely recommend it for a long haired, small dog.

Naturally, ePETstore also has an exciting range of other outstanding DOG and CAT grooming brushes.


Springtime shedding is normal - our precious pets shed their woolly mammoth winter coats, to welcome their stylish sleek summer coats. Some pets like German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies and Golden Retrievers shed throughout the year, however if shedding does occur during unexpected months, the problem might be more serious than a seasonal wardrobe change. Speak to your vet, and do what’s best for your pet. 

Comine du Toit
Animal lover and cat fanatic, Comine du Toit is a Freelance Copywriter at ePETstore in South Africa. She is a mom to a very energetic Sphynx, and the godmother to a clowder of cats, a kennel of dogs as well as a flock of geese. She's a firm believer that pets are family.
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Monday 02nd October 2017

Great recommendations. Foolee brush is a winner. Drinking fountain looks great but one of the cats still drinks out of the pool, tap and other places. Cats will be cats.

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