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For KITTENS < 1 year, also suitable for PREGNANT / LACTATING queens

Iams Healthy Kitten with Chicken cat food now boasts an upgraded recipe, that tastes even better than before, and we’re not even kitten you right meow.

It’s an absolute winner to provide kittens of all breeds and sizes with a head start in life. 

Balanced and complete, these delicious kibbles flaunt an exceptionally high animal protein content and vital nutrients to build strong muscles, strong bones, a strong immune system, strong brain and to provide healthy digestion. Buy it, they truly are so deserving.


  • For ALL BREED kittens < 1 year and also suitable for PREGNANT / LACTATING queens
  • Iams boasts a brand new and upgraded recipe that tastes even better than before!
  • High quality animal protein (chicken and turkey) to help build strong, yet lean muscles
  • Specially formulated with essential minerals to build strong bones
  • Omega 3 and DHA from fish helps promote brain development
  • A blend of prebiotics and beet pulp helps support that developing digestive system
  • Formulated with antioxidants to help support kitty’s developing immune system
  • Bag sizes 1kg and 3kg come with resealable packaging
  • 110% money back guarantee




Note: Values on the bag indicate minimum/maximum standards. Actual values are below:

Nutrient / Ingredient
Protein 34.0%
Fat content 21.5%
Omega-6 fatty acids 3.3%
Omega-3 fatty acids 0.6%
DHA 0.09%
Moisture 6.50%
Crude Ash 7.40%
Crude Fibres 1.50%
Calcium 1.20%

*Metabolizable Energy (Atwater)


Nutrient / Ingredient
Phosphorus 0.94%
Magnesium 1.06%
Vitamin A 82,600IU/kg
Vitamin D3 2,000IU/kg
Vitamin E (α-tocopherol)  411IU/kg
kcal/kg * 4,030
MJ/kg * 16.9

Chicken, wheat, corn, chicken fat, corn gluten, natural flavours, turkey, beet pulp, whole egg, brewer’s yeast, salt, minerals, fish oil, vitamins, methionine, taurine, fructo-oligo-saccharides, antioxidants.

8 40
12 50
16 60
24 65
32 70
40 70
* Pregnancy 30 – 135
* Lactation 60 – 270

*Alternatively, allow free access to bowl all day.

These guideline amounts are a starting point and your kitten may need more or less food depending upon age, activity level and temperament. In order to reach optimal body condition, you may need to adjust food intake. When introducing Iams kitten food, gradually mix it with your kitten’s current food over the course of 4 days. These feeding guide amounts represent the total recommended quantity of food per day. You should divide the total recommended feeding amount by the number of times you feed your cat per day to get the actual portion size per feeding.


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