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Provide your pets with a chance of returning home when lost with these Instant Pet Tags.

Suitable for dogs and cats, these pet tags are quirky, fun, easy-to-use, durable, totally worth the buy.

Made around a stainless steel base, they’re also fully waterproof, proudly South African and flaunts six Words designs too!

Because safety is most certainly a must, but that’s no reason not to be stylish either. So let them strut their stuff and ID tags, with your mind at ease, of course.


Did you know in our beloved South Africa, one in three pets go missing in their lifetime - so help prevent your precious pet from falling victim to this terrible statistic, and tag them.


SIMPLY complete the relevant fields with those vital details your pet needs when lost. We’ll need up to 10 characters per line with 2 lines in total. 


  1. write the name your pet responds to, if they were named Beatrix at birth, but go by Trixie, it’s best to have Trixie on the tag.
  2. provide a number that’s always in use and available.
  • CONVENIENT – we’ll print a clear sticker with your provided details and seal it at the back of your tag, meaning no inconvenient trips to engravers and NO additional admin time spent before bed 
  • Up to 20 characters can be printed onto the tag – e.g. 10 characters for name and 10 characters for your telephone number
  • 6 WORDSMITH designs to choose from
  • Theses beneficial tags are made around a stainless steel base and are fully waterproof too
  • Remember microchipping is very important - but the first thing somebody who has found a lost animal will look for is a collar and ID Tag
  • Proudly South African company – based in Cape Town

WTF (where’s the food) | Magical Fibers Of Love | Selective Hearing Disorder

25 mm

If your pet is on a special diet for a medical condition or is on a strict diet, we recommend adding to their tags DO NOT FEED ME or ON A MEDICAL DIET - as this is particularly important when your pet has severe skin allergies and eating one meal / treat than their prescription food can cause a flare up. 

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