Into the Woods Dog Sweatshirt

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Let the magic begin this winter season with this Into the Woods Dog Sweatshirt. With a mystical print, this always-stylish dog sweatshirt is perfect for any unique pooch to strut around town with.

Great for everyday wear, trips in the car, winter, parties, selfies and any other magical moment really. With an elastic trim and press-stud buttons, this awesome dog jacket is machine washable too. 

  • Available in 12 sizes because every canine deserves to own this outfit
  • Elastic trim for a snug fit
  • Mystical forest print – what a conversation starter!
  • Sweater Material – because comfort is everything
  • Press-studs making dressing them in a rush an absolute dream


NOTE – if you have a dainty dame / sturdy sir on your hands, let the measurements guide you to help ensure for that perfect fit. Breed examples shown are merely a guideline for general breed body type and weight.

Sizes Neck (cm) Back (cm) Girth (cm) Dog Breed
XS 18-22 18-23 26-34 Chihuahua (2kg or less)
S 20-24 22-27 32-42 Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier (2.5kg-3kg or less)
M 24-28 27-31 40-46 Maltese, Miniature Pinscher, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle (4kg or less)
L 28-32 32-38 42-50 Spaniel, Miniature Dachshund, Min. Pinscher, Pekingese (6kg or less)
XL 31-35 38-42 48-56 Cairn Terrier, Fox Terrier, Jack Russel, Miniature Poodle, Min. Schnauzer, Pug (8kg or less)
XXL 33-39 41-48 54-64 Beagle, Boston Terrier , French Bulldog, Whippet (11kg or less)
3XL 39-42 50-60 64-72 English Bulldog, Standard Schnauzer
4XL 42-47 60-67 72-84 Bearded Collie, English Bulldog, English Bull Terrier, Husky, Standard Poodle
5XL 47-53 67-75 78-90 Boxer, Collie, English Setter, Greyhound, Labrador Retriever, Pointer
6XL 53-60 72-85 84-98 Great Dane, Chow Chow

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