K9 Ball Tug Dog Toy

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Keep your dog active and content with this interactive ball tug dog toy. 

For the ultimate bonding play session the K9 Ball Tug is great 2-in-1 tug and fetch toy. The famous game of tug and fetch also helps to prevent unwanted weight gain, thus helping to prevent future health problems in the most enjoyable way!

It looks super funky, is tough, strategically designed in colours of BLUE and YELLOW (the shades dogs can actually see), keeps them engaged, made from a flexible TPR ball that is soft on their teeth and gums, boasts glorious stimulating textures AND that inner tennis balls really gets the excitement going!

  • Ideal for retriever, tugging and active outdoor games for medium and large dogs
  • Ideal dog toy to keep them active, help prevent obesity and thus also help prevent future health problems
  • Durable and made with a tough construction to help ensure long-lasting fun
  • Made of flexible TPR ball (thermoplastic rubber) that is soft on teeth and gums
  • Designed with those entertaining and stimulating textures
  • Inner tennis ball to entice play and get the party started

22.86cm in total length

Ball is 7.5 cm in diameter

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