K9 Rope and Tennis Ball Tug Dog Toy

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Help keep obesity related health issues at bay and have fun while doing it, with a game of fetch and tug, with the most amazing K9 Rope and Tennis Ball dog toy! 

This fabulous tug toy is also ideal for small to medium dogs, can withstand gentle chewing and the rope fibres help floss your charismatic canine’s teeth – so not only is it good for the body, but it’s great for their teeth too!

Strategically designed in colours of BLUE and YELLOW (the shades dogs can actually see) for the most delightful active play to get those doggy bodies moving. 

  • Ideal for interactive dog games like tug and fetch with small to medium dogs
  • Great dog toy to keep them active, help prevent obesity and thus also help prevent future health problems
  • Durable enough to withstand GENTLE chewing
  • Rope fibres help floss doggy’s teeth promoting dental health too
  • Tennis Ball attached, and what dog does not love the classic Tennis Ball?

23cm in total length
Tennis Ball is 5.5 cm in diameter

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