K9 Tough Nylon Bone with Rope Tug Dog Toy

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Brace yourselves – fun is coming! The K9 Tough Nylon Bone with Rope Tug dog toy is not just a long name, but boasts a long list of benefits! 

It floats, is durable, gentle on teeth and gums, easy for them to pick up and shake, great for tugging and also to throw. It’s a great dog toy for interactive dog games, active dog games, water dog games, outdoor dog games and some chewing delight.

It’s ALSO strategically designed in colours of BLUE and YELLOW (the shades dogs can actually see) to ensure a great day of tug, toss and fetch! Spoil them and let them be merry.

  • Ideal for an interactive, active, outdoor and water dog games like toss, throw and retrieve
  • A fun way to help get your dog moving (and naturally to then help prevent obesity along with future weight-related health problems)
  • It floats and is gentle on teeth and gums too
  • Easy for medium to large dogs to pick up, shake and enjoy
  • Has a subtle squeak for added fun
  • Durable (made from durable ballistic nylon material) for some added dog chew toy delight


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