Katz Menu Young Cat Food for Kittens

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Bag Size: 2kg 

Provide your kitten with easily digestible, great tasting and specially developed kitten food for healthy growth and success in life (because the tree climbing record is probably still up for grabs). 

  • Katz Menu Young Cat Food for Kittens is made with your kitten’s needs in mind, with special shaped kibble chunks for easy chewing and swallowing.
  • ensure for your kitten’s roaring health, so don’t delay and put Katz Menu on their dinner menu tonight!
  • Proper balanced ingredients for perfect growth and better digestion
  • Tasty kibbles with special shapes for easy eating
  • Made in Belgium

Recommended daily allowance for the weight of the cat:

 2 – 4 months  25 – 40 g
 4 – 6 months  35 – 65 g
 6 – 8 months  55 – 75 g
 8 – 10 months  65 – 85 g
 10 – 12 months  75 – 90 g






Protein 34%, fat content 20%, crude fibers 2,5%, crude ash 7%, calcium 1,4%, phosphorus 1%

Poultry meat meal (min. 25%), wheat flour, dehydrated meat proteins, animal fat, rice, dehydrated fish, hydrolyzed poultry meat, beet pulp, dried whole eggs, yeast, lecithin, refined fish oil, salt, fructo-oligosaccharides.

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