Kilimandjaro Cat Tree

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Johnny Clegg and Juluka said it best “I'm sittin' on the top of Kilimanjaro!”. So allow your cat to sit at the top of Kilimanjaro too, with the Kilimandjaro Cat Tree from RHR Quality.

This cat tree is all the rage, and let’s get real, we’re not even joking. It’s SO sturdy and SO incredibly durable, it’s bound to stay intact for all your cat’s nine lives.

It has a large bed at the top, a hammock on the side, a play nook at the bottom, sisal rope to take the fun next level; and so so so much more.

 Trust us, your cat will want to thank you after this purchase.

  • Tall, sturdy and INCREDIBLY durable cat tree
  • Boasts numerous areas for your cat to explore, have fun or just chill and scope the land (i.e. your room)
  • Has a LARGE top bed with removable pillow (but is secured with velcro to prevent slipping)
  • Has a padded hammock that’s rotatable and can hold cats up to 23kg (looking at you Maine Coons!)
  • It’s WITHOUT A DOUBT a showstopper

Light Grey Cat Tree with Cream Sisal Rope
Sisal Poles – 12cm diameter
Base plate – 74 x 58 x 4cm
Total height of cat tree – 180cm
Playing house – 40 x 40 x 27cm with a large entry of 20 x 20cm
Padded hammock (rotatable) – tested to 23kg carrying capacity
Large resting area – 60 x 43 x 15cm, with a detachable 5cm thick pillow that is secured with velcro

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