Kit Cat Classic Crystal Cat Litter

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If your cat LOVES making larger than life puddles in their litter box, then you need the Kit Cat Classic Crystal Cat Litter. Made from silica sand, it absorbs LARGE amounts of liquids and controls odours.

This 100% natural, eco-friendly and dust free, this cat litter also boasts indicator crystals that tell you when the litter needs changing. Its crystals are uniquely shaped to prevent dreaded loo litter being tracked throughout the house. Available in 7 refreshing scents, being around their litter box will be a breath of fresh air.

Scents available at ePETstore: 

Lemon | Baby Powder | Lavender | Mix Berries | Apple | Cherry Blossom | Charcoal

  • Made from deodorising silica gel and is 99% dust free
  • Easy to use & light weight
  • Antibacterial & uniquely scented
  • Maximum odour control – particularly the Charcoal litter
  • Excellent absorption
  • 100% Natural, non-toxic with no added chemicals
  • Added indicator crystals tell you when the litter needs changing
  • No tracking around the house, thus less mess for you to clean OR to step on
  • 1 bag lasts approximately 40 days in a single cat household
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 5 litre Bag (2.2 kg)


For best results, mix with Kit Cat Crystal Clump Cat Litter 

  1. Fill litter box with approximately 5 - 7 cm of litter
  2. Remove all solid waste with a cat litter scoop daily
  3. Dispose of waste in the dustbin
  4. Simply refill with same amount of litter that was removed
  5. For best results, mix with Kit Cat Crystal Clump Cat Litter

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