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The Knot-Eaze Wild Buddies from Pawz to Clawz dog toys love to be carried, tossed, tugged and fetched around the house and garden. Made with durable lining and double stitched finish, these glamorous toys are pretty tough for toy longevity.

With soft exteriors, nap times are golden, but more importantly - your dog’s gums and teeth are protected during hours of vigorous enthusiastic play and energetic chewing. Each Knot-Eaze Buddy is fitted with 5 individual squeakers to attract your dog’s ultimate attention, and are great additions to any home.

AVAILABLE WILD BUDDIES: Knot-Eaze Monkey | Knot-Eaze Crocodile | Knot-Eaze Hippo

  • Durable, tough and super cute
  • Great for interactive play of tug & fetch
  • Soft edges to protect dog’s gums and teeth
  • Double stiched with reinforced seams for extra strength
  • Each Knot-Eaze Buddy contains 5 squeakers (1 in each paw & 1 in the body)


40 cm




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